Our Fearless Leader.

The one who started it all.

Meet Janet – our design extraordinaire and the woman who began our Louisa Jane journey. She’s one of those woman who can multi-task five hundred things, answer twelve phone calls at once, be five places at one time, and with three snaps of her fingers make you wonder why you ever stressed about the interior of your home.

In all seriousness, Janet dreamed up Louisa Jane, and we couldn’t be more proud of her for building it up to what it is today. She has big things in store for designing kitchen and baths in homes, and we are excited to see where she takes our team in the next year.

Janet would never have dreamed she would work alongside her sister someday, and with Brenda in the office as well, the two add life to the everyday work flow.  The sisters grew up with tools in hand, refurbishing and painting and turning the old into new, and it’s amazing to see how their childhood has shaped their careers today. Janet has a great eye for design, and a talent for visualizing what a space could become, and how a piece of old furniture could look brand new.

For more about Janet, check out our Meet the Team page and Our Story – where she’s highlighted in both! And come in and meet her – she loves to chat!

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