Our Growing Team.

In just a few short months, our team has doubled in size!

And it has been so fun. We have added so many awesome personalities and talents, and it’s been wonderful to see how the team interacts and works together. Each member has a specific purpose, and we truly need each and every one of us! Especially the men – because with this many women it’s bound to get a little out-of-control at times ! Our latest tent sale was a breeze with the new hands and everyone ‘pitching” in!

We have new painters who work in the warehouse refurbishing and painting. We have new hands in the studio, helping Danielle reset and keep up with the store, and we have new designers working alongside Janet, not only relieving some of her heavy load, but getting trained in the process! A win-win in the design world.

But most of all, we still have our captains in the lead, and a great team that keeps on laughing and keeping things lively – the energy is infectious and the mood merry. Come in and see us, and get some Christmas shopping done while you are at it! Cheers!

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