Our “Jules”.

Julie is one of our Design Consultants at the office – and she really is a “gem”.

Okay, okay, enough jewel puns. But seriously, you all need to meet Julie is you haven’t yet – she has a warm and inviting personality and is such a blessing to our office! She joined our team in 2018, and has been a strong support ever since. She works alongside Janet and is her right-hand woman – which also happens to be Julie’s favorite part of being a part of the Louisa Jane team! She loves being trained by Janet, herself. She is also our go-to woman for all of our décor ordering, shipments, and tasks that needs completed immediately.

Before Julie joined our team she was a vet tech for a number of years, as well as a nurse, and many people still come to her for advice on humans and animals! We enjoy having a nurse/vet in the office – there’s an extra feeling of security with her! Julie would love to get into horse-back riding, and if she could travel to any time era in history, she would choose the 1940’s, when life was simpler but modern conveniences were still available. We like having her in this time era though, as Julie is definitely an asset to Louisa Jane.

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