Our Newest Painter.

Our super talented, extremely hardworking and creative, Becca.

We stinkin’ adore her. She gets the job done, well, and fast, and is super flexible when we need her! She is our go-to-girl for refurbishing and painting, and she is great at it as well. You will find her at our warehouse, elbow-deep in paint.

However, this isn’t Becca’s dream job (although it should be at the amount of talent she has!). If Becca could do any job in the world, she would be a cattle rancher out west. She LOVES being outdoors and getting her hands dirty, and she dreams of having a two-story farmhouse with lots of trees and a barn to raise cattle and horses. Once again, something she would be great at, and because we are all about following our dreams here at Louisa Jane, we fully support her in following those dreams someday. Becca is the kind of girl who could accomplish anything she would set her mind too, so YOU GO GIRL!

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