Painting Mistakes.

We all make painting mistakes – but before you make another one, check out these 5 major ones!

And then, take our advice and avoid them. 🙂
1. Skipping prep. You know this is a huge temptation – because it is for all of us! We find ourselves spending a ton of time prepping, but really, it’s super important. You may feel like you are wasting time, but if you prep correctly, you will save tons of time in the long run.
2. Cheap tools. Don’t skimp out – it will be noticeable! The proper tools not only allow for a better job done, but also makes the process easier and smoother.
3. Choosing a paint color before a plan. Don’t just paint a room – plan ahead. Visualize the outcome, the patterns and fabrics in the space, the feel of the room, etc.
4. Not trying before buying. Be sure to test paint samples on your wall; many times the color looks different in certain lights, in your space, against other material, than it does in the paint store. You’ll be thankful you did this!
5. Being scared of the “dark”. Dark tones absorb light to add depth and shadows to your room. Dark tones blur the edges of the walls, which can give the illusion of space. Many people shy from dark tones – but they can be gorgeous.
And of course, we would love to help you choose the perfect paint color. We are also willing to give lots more tips, so give us a call or stop by our office!

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