Remodeling on Gingoteague Way.

Here’s a sneak peek into a gorgeous home.

Here at Louisa Jane, you often see our studio (otherwise known as our brick & mortar) and our main office. But what passerby’s usually DO NOT see, is the work we do out in the community – working with some fantastic people to create beauty in their everyday. A new fresh look in their homes. A sanctuary of relaxation and comfort that also deserves to be portrayed in a magazine.

Tony and Sarah are an example of two such people, and they also happen to be some of Janet’s favorites.  Sarah found us by accident when she was shopping at Lanny’s one day – Beecham’s Market is the official name, but it will always be Lanny’s in our book, to the true Tremontians. Yes, that’s a thing by the way. Talk about a supporter and encourager of small business – Lanny was that man again and again. We miss him. Janet misses him…..oh wait, yes, we were telling Tony and Sarah’s story…

Tony and Sarah came to Janet with a small issue. They had a really unique shaped kitchen – oddly designed with not enough usable counterspace, awkward storage, and a peninsula that cut off the rest of the room. There was also a butler’s pantry and a small closet which made for a lot of doors without much function.  Not only was all of this an issue, but their kitchen was also out-of-date, in a bad way. We decided to help update their laundry room, adjacent powder bath, and improve the general feel of the entire space as it opened into their great room. When Sarah came to Janet, she already had a good idea of what she liked – she had been to another house that Janet had designed several years ago, and she had fell in love with the character we added with millwork and architectural details. Well, this made it easy. Janet got to work drawing up some plans and together they had a blast picking materials – Tony and Sarah were open to almost anything.



Ta-da! Look at that gorgeous kitchen. We are so excited with the final product – a practical, usable, but lovely space to cook and hang out. After all, we all know the kitchen is always the most visited room in the home. We are honored here at LJ to have played a small role in Tony and Sarah’s sanctuary of a home. Blessing always as your family continues to create memories here!

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