Maple Ridge Remodel.

We had the pleasure of remodeling a fantastic home for some fantastic people.

In fact, Marty and Julie are two of Janet’s favorite people. She met them several years ago when they purchased their home on Maple Ridge Dr. and came to Janet wanting to remodel the main floor and upstairs.  That project was crazy fun, creative, and just plain enjoyable, and Janet fell in love with them and their adorable children. A great relationship was formed, and we believe that’s a perk of designing – each family you get to meet, and each friendship made.

Recently, Marty and Julie came back to us wanting to tackle the basement, and we were all reunited!  Their basement was old, outdated, and dark. The floor plan was really chopped up with random rooms and walls, and the space did not fit their style or needs at all.  They were looking for a lighter, brighter space for entertaining, children’s play area, TV lounging, a kitchen, and a guest suite for visiting family. We got to work and spent some time designing and redesigning mockups. They loved what we came up with, and we made it happen. The fireplace wasn’t in the original plan, but who can resist cozying up to that?!  And of course, the fireplace is one of Janet’s favorite features of the whole project. 



Marty and Julie love the finished project, and so do we. There is nothing quite like taking a basement, of all places, and transforming it from nothing, to an enjoyable, usable space. We hope you have many years of memories down there, Marty and Julie! We loved working with you again.

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