Savoring This Time.

We can either choose joy, or the opposite.

This is such a unique time in our lives – being encouraged to social distance and stay in our homes to slow the spread of the virus has brought with it both challenges and joys. It is rare for our team to be at home 24/7 with our family members, and we have all found the unexpected gifts that come with this. It does take intentionality, however, to see these gifts instead of becoming restless and letting the longing for normalcy steal our joy. We put together a few ways we have been inspired to savor this season at home!

  • Make a special breakfast. In the normal shuffle of life, breakfast can often feel rushed and driven by convenience. Honestly, for most of us at LJ, it’s a muffin on the way out the doors, or a granola bar once we get to the office. But we have been using the opportunity presented by our more flexible schedules to put together a breakfast that starts the day off on a note of celebration! You should try it! A pancake bar with fresh and creative toppings is one idea that we have been loving recently.
  • Plant a garden. Now that we (hope) the last of the snow for this past winter has fallen, we encourage all of you to start thinking of Spring planting! Whether it be flowers, herbs, veggies, or a combination, cultivating a small garden can be a rewarding and fun use of time. We also love involving the family, some of us have children at home and this can be an exciting project to work on together. No need to worry if you do not have an abundance of outdoor space – ceramic planters will do perfectly.
  • Rearrange your living space. As you are spending much more time in your living spaces than usual, take this opportunity to rearrange! Danielle just informed the team that staring at her house all day every day has her itching for an interior design change. That’s what happens when interior designs are stuck at home! hah! Consider replacing the candles on your mantle and moving your throw pillows from one room to the other, or even rearranging your larger pieces of furniture. Sometimes these small changes are enough to make you fall in love with your home again and see it as a space to make memories in.
  • Plan a virtual coffee date. Even though we are encouraged to be in our homes and out of contact with others, this does not mean that we should isolate ourselves! Relationships are one of life’s greatest privileges and this season at home has taught us to value them even more. Pick a time and a platform, brew some French press coffee, and enjoy the gift of connection on Zoom, FaceTime, or another platform.
  • Revisit an old hobby. Many of us have hobbies that at one time we devoted a lot of time too. With the normal busyness of life, we have found that those hobbies often are neglected as our time is spent on other obligations. Take this slower season at home as an invitation to pull out your sketch book or continue perfecting your piano skills. 
  • Look through old pictures. With the whole family in one place, this is a great opportunity to reminisce and celebrate the memories you have made together in the past. Pop a bowl of popcorn and flip through old scrapbooks or filed away pictures on your computer as you laugh at almost-forgotten stories and highlights of years gone by.

We would love to hear from you, friends! How are you spending your extra time at home? We look forward to being together in person again, but until then, we are sending love from the Louisa Jane team to all of you!

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