Shopping: Favorite Pastime.

We know it is yours too!

Each day the obsession gets a little worse – and online shopping doesn’t make it any better. You know that rush that you get when you get a package in the mail? Yes, we know the excitement. It can get addicting, but we are here to tell you to go out and shop as well! Face-to-face shopping is our favorite – after all, how would we get to chat with all of your awesome people otherwise??

Besides shopping at our own Studio, our team would love to share our favorite retailers as well. You probably already shop at them, but if not, go have a look!

Janet: “I love all things boutique because it’s not cookie-cutter, and not SO MUCH STUFF.  Besides boutiques though, I’m a faithful Ross/TJ Maxx girl.  For home décor, I LOVE Restoration Hardware, Horchow, and Arhaus!”

Brenda E: “Aldi, because we eat a lot of food at our house! If we have a home project, then it’s Menards….because it’s close to home and super handy! For clothes, I love Refined Peddler boutique – she’s local, awesome, and has the best taste. And don’t forget thrift stores – take me back to when I was a young girl riding around with my mom and sisters. Thrift shopping is simply the best.”

Danielle: “TJ Maxx, Roolee, and Anthropologie!”

Katy: “Restoration Hardware, enough said.”

Reuben: “Restoration Hardware and Ralph Lauren. Chicago trips to these two places are a must for me. If you haven’t visited in person, go.”

Happy shopping! And come in and see us while you are at it!

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