Spaces for Summer.

We would love to give some tips on creating your ideal outdoor space!

As the weather turns warmer, we are dreaming of those enchanting summer days spent outside. You just can’t beat the feeling of sitting down with a cool glass of lemonade in hand, surrounded by those you love, after the heat of the day subsides. Here at Louisa Jane, we are firm believers that the aesthetic of your space plays a vital role in setting the tone for an occasion. For this reason, we love planning ways to make a setting unique and inviting, and ultimately creating spaces you want to be in! As we have been thinking through how to prepare a backyard for a summer of memory-making, these are some favorite elements we are seeing:

  • Fire features. If you don’t already have a space for a fire in your backyard, consider adding one! This can be as simple as building your own fire pit with concrete pavers as the border, or you can go as elaborate as constructing a stand-alone stone fireplace to really make a statement. Either way, having a fire feature in your backyard creates an immediate focal point for your outdoor space. And who doesn’t love the opportunity to make a summer s’more?  
  • Pergola. This is the ultimate upgrade to your backyard gathering place. A pergola offers shade from the midday sun, creates distinction between the yard and the lounge area, and frames your backyard space beautifully. There are many different pergola styles, ranging from rustic farmhouse beams to an elegant and timeless cedar, and we have built several for some awesome clients over the years!
  • Outdoor lighting. This is an aspect of your outdoor setting to invest in! A well-lit space means that you don’t have to venture inside after the sunset, but can continue talking, reading, or enjoying a fresh summery cobbler as far into the night as you wish. Hanging lights overhead are not only a great way to light your backyard but can also be helpful in creating visual interest for your outdoor space, whether it be a patio, a pergola, or a fenced-in lawn. Don’t forget to have a few candles within reach as well! It’s the little details such as these that turn a merely functional backyard into an oasis.
  • Textiles. This is one way to really elevate your outdoor aesthetic. Outdoor furniture can seem a little harsh and cold on its own, as it is often built for durability more than anything. Soften the look by adding in some cushions, pillows, and blankets that will bring an element of “comfort”. Plan on storing these items inside when they are not in use – that way, you have the freedom to use a broader range of fabric and material than sticking to just the ones intended for heavy outdoor wear-and-tear. 
  • Dual-purpose furniture. As backyard entertaining areas usually are a little short on space, it is good to invest in pieces that serve more than one purpose. Consider incorporating benches that provide storage space underneath or planters that have a broad enough edge to double as a side table. One of our favorite dual-purpose pieces we have seen is a wicker ottoman with a drink cooler just under the lid!   

Have fun with designing a backyard that you want to be in! Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and tailor your design to what fits your lifestyle and needs the best. We are always here with suggestions and opinions, if you ever want to reach out!

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