Spring Market Recap.

Markets are our favorite weekends. every time.

We don’t know what we love more: staging our studio with all the new product and oo-ing and aah-ing over every piece, the excitement leading up to the big opening night, or seeing all of you and catching up! Okay, that’s not true. It’s definitely seeing all of you.

This past weekend was all Spring for us. It FELT like Spring, with 60 degree days, it SMELLED like Spring outside our doors, and it LOOKED like Spring inside with all the fun colors, textiles, and florals. We had a blast with set up, especially at the Huddle Hall two doors down. The space is amazing with the fun walls, colors, etc., and it was so fun designing and decorating and staging our product inside. Reuben went foraging, because he’s great at it, and found some amazing live branches to put in our vases. Between that, our huge floor vases, our leather textiles, and our colored rugs, both the studio and the Huddle Hall came alive with Spring.

Opening night came and we were so touched and happy to hear how much YOU all loved it as well. The positivity we heard was so uplifting, and we had a great time shopping with all of you for your perfect pieces. We simply can not wait to see everything in your homes!

A huge thanks to our neighbor, Noelle at Huddle, for collaborating with us for this event! Noelle is simply a peach so if you are looking for some place to host your next event, check her out!

Until next time!

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