Spring Market Recap.

This one started a little unusually!

Last week began with some shocking news – Danielle, our Studio manager and the one who is in charge of the Spring Market, was told by her doctor that she needed to go on bed rest. Promptly.

Our heads whirled. WHOA. One of our busiest weeks of the year and we were without the one with the vision. We had some meetings and pulled people together, and guess what?! We made it happen! Janet stepped in to instruct the crew, and Tuesday started off with walls, furniture, and displays being set up. That’s the best part about our team – the way we pull together and make it happen. Running a small business has taught us something: when other small businesses appear to have everything together, everything running smoothly, and everything figured out, it’s all a front. 😉 BUT, when you do have those attitudes, you CAN figure it out! That is how we do it at Louisa Jane – we roll with the punches and learn as a team as we go.

The best part? YOU ALL SHOWED UP. We love market weekends so much because we are continually reminded of the amazing support we have from our community. We love seeing all of your faces, and as you continued to pour in, we continued to run here and there, making sure to answer all your questions and get the piece of décor down for you from that top shelf.

And as always, we collapse into our beds Saturday evening when the studio is finally closed, the remaining product and items put away, the walls taken down. But our hearts are so full – because of all of you. God is good.

Photography by Danielle Stewart Photography

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