Squeezes of the Week Part II.

One more week close to the big day!

And one more round of awesome vendors. Each one is so important to the atmosphere of June 15th, and we are so thankful that they are joining us on Sampson Street.

Sassy Sparrow

Ladies, and handcrafted bags, purses, and wallets. It just makes sense, right? And better yet – it’s hand-pressed and hand-stitched LEATHER. Literally…they make, die, cut, and sew their own leather. And we are in love. Check them out here!

Refined Peddler Apparel

A super sweet gal, with a super sweet Boutique – and it’s online too! https://refinedpeddler.com/ Not only does Kianna have a unique style for her boutique – boho and chic, but she also has some awesome vintage finds from the past.

Barr & Harbor

We’ve been searching for the perfect candle vendor, and Leanne at Barr & Harbor is perfect! She is from England, and her brand perfectly reflects that in each candle. Each candle is poured with natural soy wax, and each scent is from Leanne’s memories back in England. Shop online as well on her website, www.barrandharbor.com.

Faire Coffee

Coffee in a trailer, and the cutest white trailer at that. From Miels to flavored lemonades (perfect for Summer on Samson!) The owner is super sweet too. And seriously, who has a Market without coffee?

Little Clothing Co.

They offer the highest quality, affordable, and safe children’s clothing from brands that believe in more than just style! Their mission is dedicated to giving back and providing ethnically sourced products! For every item sold, they help a child in need receive an item of clothing, and a child that has cancer gets an adorable headband! Check out their website here!

Lemonade rugs

“When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. When God gives you fabric, you make rugs.” This is the motto of this adorable vendor, and wait until you see these rugs!! She enjoys using materials that have been trashed, or would end up in the landfill, and creates beautiful, functional rugs. She weaves because she loves too, and also because she can support local charities – all the profits are given to people in need. Check her out on Facebook!

Two Arrows Studio

Talk about an artists – this studio brings jewelry, paintings, sculptures, and more. Everything is truly one-of-a -kind and so unique! We are so excited for them to bring their gifts to SOS, and you can check them out on Facebook here!

Until next week’s vendors, we hope everyone has fun going through these business’s Facebooks and websites, browsing and shopping and getting excited to see them in person! Have a great week!

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