Squeezes of the Week Part IV.

Guess what this week is? The Tremont Turkey Festival! We can’t wait to see you all.

Come out and see us on Thursday at Merchant’s Day in Tremont, which kicks off the Turkey Festival. We are looking forward to good weather this weekend, great food ( we are speaking of those giant turkey legs ), and a great time overall. And who knows, maybe some of the following vendors will be at the Turkey Festival as well!

Tick Tick Fizz

A mother/daughter business owned by a high school student! They offer gourmet, handmade bath and body products that are crafted in small batches. They smell amazing, and the designs are so fun! Find them on Facebook here.

East to West Studio

Two friends who lived two hours apart, but now live 15 minutes, started a design studio that creates wedding invitation suites for brides, as well as logo design, branding, and marketing for local businesses. These two graphic designers also have a greeting card line, and an art print collection that you can check out at SOS! Or go online to shop the collection at www.easttoweststudio.com.

Ivory Aisle Rentals

A business that was born after a bride was married, and shopped for her wedding décor at vintage stores, thrift shops, and flea markets. Today, they rent out wedding and event décor like centerpieces, dessert tables, and more. When they come to markets like SOS, they share their favorite flea finds – glassware, vintage postcards, hand-lettered decor, etc. They also make hand-poured and cut soy candles from old, recycled bottles, and we can not wait to smell them at SOS. https://www.ivoryaisle.com/

Darling Authority

A local, online clothing boutique, this lovely lady sells versatile, fashion-forward pieces aimed toward women who live life on the go, but who look great doing it. Every clothing piece she names is a name focused on empowering the woman. Shop online beforehand, here!

Cheeky Remix

Curiousity. Please tell me you have a bad case of it too. Lucky for you, this boutique is basically a moving cabinet of curiousities, specializing in hand-styled accessories. She adds a lot of her personal flair as well, and this shoes! You can see what we mean online at https://www.cheekyremix.com/ or stop by their booth at SOS.

No Roots Boots

You’ve all seen this adorable airstream around, with the most fashionable, comfortable boots around. Paige, the owner works with small brands and makers to bring unique products to her shelves that you can’t find in normal stores, not just boots. She also sells sterling silver jewelry from Oklahoma, and tooled leather earrings from Texas. She also has an adorable website – check it out! https://www.norootsboots.com/

First of May Boutique

We love when SOS is the first big debut for businesses’ just starting off, and this is one! This boutique specializes in handmade jewelry, but clothing and handbags as well. We can not wait to get to know this adorable business more.

See you next week for another round of vendors, and in the meantime, check out the ones at the Tremont Turkey Festival, and enjoy some great food.

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