Squeezes of the Week.

Summer on Sampson is quickly approaching…

…and we would like to highlight each of the vendors that will be making an appearance! Whether you have heard of each of these or not, we can not wait to see all of these wonderful businesses pop up right here in Tremont.

Pico De Gallo

Some of the best Mexican food around – and it’s on a traveling truck. Can it get much better? Nachos and tacos go excellent with lemonade in our opinion! Check them out!

Hello Headband

A quickly-growing, headband company based out of Peoria, and you do not want to miss this booth! They have the cutest headbands for women, children, and babies – and they even have matching sets for moms and daughters. You can check them out here.

Fierce Spirit Boutique

A super cute boutique with super cute clothes. But perhaps the best part of Fierce Spirit is their mission – 100% of their profits are invested in building and supporting female-owned businesses right here in Central Illinois.

Four30 Scones

For your stomach’s pleasure – Four30 Scones has about any flavor of scone you can think of – from sweet to savory. They even have gluten-free and dairy-free options! Make sure you grab some at Summer on Sampson.

All the Day Long

A newly opened t-shirt printing business to encourage believers of Christ, and to spread the Gospel. They have several awesome t-shirt designs – something for everyone! If you want to see the t-shirt designs, you can look at the variety here.

Why Knot by Kay

The ultimate d̩cor for your home Рand it goes perfectly with our style here at Louisa Jane! Kaylee creates gorgeous macram̩ pieces, backdrops, plant-holders, wall hangings, and more. We think her booth is a must to stop by Рand you can check her work out before you come on her Etsy page!

These are just some of the amazing vendors and businesses that will be in Tremont on June 15th! Stay tuned for the rest, and in the meantime, mark your calendars for the big day!

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