Stylin’ for Christmas.

It’s about time to deck the halls again!

With the Christmas season rapidly approaching, it is a great time to start dreaming of and planning how to bring the season into your home. Christmas encompasses elements of celebration, tradition, and warmth, and the home atmosphere plays a key role in fostering these things. Since it is sometimes easy to find yourself decorating the same way year after year, we are providing a glimpse into a few different design styles to offer some inspiration:


Decorating for Christmas in a modern home presents the opportunity to keep things minimal, yet dramatic. Consider sticking with a simple, clean color palette – incorporating the stark contrasts that characterize the modern style. A full garland of deep-colored natural greenery and a taller, thinner Christmas tree work well in a modern space. You could even consider keeping the Christmas tree totally bare for an unexpected statement! A few gilded pears can really help to complete the modern holiday look, whether incorporated into the mantle or table décor. Consider playing with black candles mixed in with the greenery on the table or mantle for some contrast and depth – come on in and we will hook you up with some great modern pieces!


With a traditional home, you can play on the warm and familiar tones of Christmas: all the reds, greens, and golds. As traditional homes often offer classic furniture and rich wood tones, the atmosphere is already set for an inviting Christmas celebration. Consider a tree that is playing with traditional gold ornaments and embroidered stockings hanging from a lush evergreen mantle. Incorporate old fashioned wooden accents and don’t shy away from a touch of traditional Christmas plaid. Some of us at the office love stringing dried oranges, cranberries, and popcorn on our tree or around our banister! This embraces the warmth and familiarity of Christmas to some of us!


The farmhouse look provides plenty of freedom to be creative with Christmas decorations! A wire basket can be a great starting point for holiday décor, whether it is full of throw blankets by the fireplace for cuddling up on cozy evenings (our favorite!) or it is full of large evergreen sprigs to bring the outdoors in. We love a good mantle that is lined with pillar candles of various heights and knitted stockings hanging beneath. As far as the greenery for a farmhouse look, don’t be afraid to play with some less traditional foliage for your table, staircase, and mantle. Danielle and Reuben love to go foraging for foliage – we are often awestruck at the beauty that can be found in the nearest roadside ditch. (you wouldn’t know this! It’s okay!) A Magnolia flower sets this look off well – the warm, golden-toned underside to its leaves, creating interest and some natural holiday charm. For the farmhouse style, you can also do a mix of more traditional gold and silver ornaments, as well as bringing in some more natural elements, such as golden-tipped pinecones!


Decorating for Christmas in the bohemian style offers plenty of opportunity to celebrate the season in unconventional and unique ways! A string of wooden beads is perfect for the tree, mixed with raw crystal ornaments and some gilded feathers. Macramé makes the perfect addition to the fireplace and can even be used in place of stockings – come in and see us for some great pieces or check out WhyKnot by Kay for some fun Christmas Tree Macramé ornaments as well! The ideal greenery for this space is one that offers more muted green tones – mixing in sprigs of seeded eucalyptus is a great way to achieve that! Playing with bold textures is what a bohemian space is all about – during Christmas, a large fur pillow or area rug can create a sense of warmth and comfort.


Perhaps one of our favorite styles, the name of the game is keeping it homey and cozy for Christmas. The white distressed wood and assorted charming knick-knacks that often characterize this kind of space create a great framework for Christmas decorating! A vintage toboggan or set of skis can be the perfect complement to the fireplace, propped up against the mantle casually. Birch logs are a great way to keep with the cottage aura, maybe stacked in an old wooden crate or a cut-out metal bucket. For your table centerpiece, consider an old dough bowl filled with pillar candles, taper candles, ivy, and evergreen. Don’t be afraid to deck the tree with all the gold and silver Christmas cheer! Remember, we are always here to help!

Regardless of the style of your home, Christmas is a time of celebration and warmth, and the décor in your house should bring joy to your home. The memories made will last a lifetime, so creating an atmosphere to celebrate in is a worthy investment. Now, go have fun decorating!

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