The Best Evening Together.

We dined. we wined. & it was so great.

July 23rd was a night we will never forget here at LJ. It was our first ever LJ Night Out event, held in our new Design Center above the studio, and it happened to be a Charcuterie Class.

We had some awesome people sign up the week before, so we were so stoked to serve them and celebrate the night out with them! Our doors opened to these 13 guests at 6:30, with drinks upon arrival. It was so fun to watch them mingle, sip on their fun drinks, browse the studio, and get to know them personally. Some of our guests had never been to our store front in Tremont, so that was extra fun!

When the class was ready to begin, our team had the best time sharing how to display beautiful charcuterie boards, arrange different meat cuts and cheeses in an artsy way, create and cook fun recipes to add to the board like jams and dips, and lots more. There were questions asked, tips shared, laughter all around, and lots of delicious food consumed. Some of our favorite dishes were a baked Brie in a crescent roll with black raspberry jam to top it off, Honey Goat Cheese Bruschetta with strawberries and fresh basil, and homemade cheesecake to wrap up the night baked by Janet, herself! We went through lots of coffee, and some wine, and the entire evening was simply delightful.

Everyone stayed late, and we took this as an extreme compliment! 10:00 PM we began cleaning up, feeling so blessed to have had the opportunity to host such an event! We have plans to have many more nights like these in the future, and we hope you will join us!

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