The Enneagram.

That’s Right. We are hopping on the bandwagon!

Personalities are so fascinating! Each person is so complex and has innumerable factors that lead them to do what they do and be who they are. Whether it be through a formal personality test, or just observing and comparing behavior patterns between people, the study of personality types can be so fun! As you know, we love our team here at Louisa Jane, and there is this new fad called the Enneagram if you haven’t heard. 😉 Discussing our differing personality types and how we see them play out in each of us has been such a great way to grow as a team. The Enneagram personality test divides personalities into 9 main types, and we have recently enjoyed using that as a framework to see what makes each of us tick. Here are some of the things we have discovered:

Janet is a 7.

We love our fearless leader – who also loves adventure! The Enneagram Institute has labeled the type 7 as “The Enthusiast.” They are generally extroverted, spontaneous, optimistic, versatile, and enjoy variety. We think Janet is a 7 with an 8 wing, because she is super committed to Louisa Jane and intent on driving it forward always, to success!

Brenda E is a 9.

This easy-going, stable personality type is also known as “The Peacemaker.” They are trusting, reassuring, accepting, and creative. We see these attributes often in Brenda, and we love her for them! She is always seeking peace within the Louisa Jane crew, as well as in her family and other personal relationships. Her steadiness and desire for harmony has been a wonderful asset to the LJ team.

Katy is an 8.

Katy brings a much-needed dynamic to the LJ team as “The Challenger.” The 8 is described as strong, confident, protective, and resourceful. Katy is confident in design and loves to challenge her clients to see the potential in their home and make it the most beautiful it can be. She is great at inspiring others, and her ability to be decisive makes her an easy person to trust with style decisions.

Danielle is a 4.

“The Individualist” is the title given to this personality type. The 4 is described as creative, expressive, personal, and sensitive. Danielle deeply values relationships, and this affects not only her personal life, but also the way she interacts with the rest of the team, as well as her clients. She loves beauty and is very aesthetically creative, both of which make her a talented designer.

Reuben is a 7.

As “The Enthusiast,” Reuben brings an energy with him that we all enjoy at Louisa Jane. The 7 is a naturally optimistic and visionary type, keeping them busy bringing their visions to reality. This personality type is a unique blend of playful and practical, and we see this in Reuben! We think he is a 7 with a 6 wing – different from Janet in that way! He loves adventure and seeks to find it in every second of every day.

It’s so fun to learn more about each number – some of us here are a tad obsessed. Have you taken the Enneagram personality test? If so, what number are you and what have you learned?!

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