The High Point of the Week.

Janet, Jaquetta, and Reuben took on North Carolina!

The market of the year just happened, and this trio was there for it! They flew out on Friday, June 4th, and landed back in Illinois the following Wednesday. There’s never a dull moment with these three, and the days were spent with design, decor, Mama J rounding up Janet and Reuben again and again, and great food after the day was over. They met with countless reps and walked up countless stairs. One of their favorite reps, Ben, bonded with Jaquetta about keeping track of Janet and Reuben after they would get distracted over all the amazing pieces in the store. HAHA!

At the end of it all, Janet, Reuben, and Mama J came back with lots of memories, design + decor swirling in their heads, and fun stories to tell. Janet’s high points were the custom iron beds from California and the lovely armoire that she is so excited for the rest of the team to see! Jaquetta’s high point was watching Janet and Reuben pick out items for client’s. Reuben’s high point was visiting vendors in person and seeing the design world in action – so cool!

We can not wait until all the great new products arrive at our studio, and even better, for all of it to be styled in YOUR homes! We will keep you up-to-date as the trucks begin to arrive.

Until next time, North Carolina!

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