The Month of Love.

…is right around the corner, and at LJ, we love the month of love.

Take some time to grab a Valentine’s Day gift for the best friend, a card for the husband, a candle for the mother. Truly, the five minutes out of your day to wrap those gifts is worth it and more, when you see their eyes light up. The gift becomes more than just the item, it’s the thought behind the item, the time spent dedicated to them, the words jotted on the paper.

And here are some items in our studio that are perfect for the occasion:

1. Cards – These are perfect for your Valentine, and also your friends, your mom, your sisters, your sisters-in-law, your grandma, your boss, your…you get the point. Make their day with some meaningful words!

2. Home Décor – Seriously any piece in our studio is perfect as a small home décor gift – from our floral stems, to our pillows, come in and shop with us!

3. Magnolia Candles – what better gift to go along with a Valentine’s Day card, than a lovely scented Magnolia candle? We can’t think of any!

4. Cheeseboard or Coffee Accessories – You can never go wrong with a gift of anything-coffee, especially in this coffee-lover world, and a cheeseboard is always a great find!

5. Tabletop Scroll – for notes all year round. A perfect little gift for the one in your life who scribbles everything down.

Besides a gift, we also wanted to throw out some of our favorite Valentine’s Day activities for you, to change the day up a bit, to make it memorable, and to re-ignite the spark in those relationships!

  1. Go out on a date. This is not a new idea, but you can change it up a bit! Buy your spouse an article of clothing that they can wear on the date – Valentine’s Day socks, some warm gloves, etc. and then make reservations a week ahead of time!
  2. Take your friends to a glass-making class! Schedule a class with J.Draper Glass in Peoria, IL, and take your best girlfriends to dinner and to a fun girls-night out with a new activity. Or travel to Fired Up in Peoria to paint some pottery!
  3. Breakfast for dinner. This is always a big “YES!” This time, however, make those pancakes in the shape of a heart. And get those candles out for a candlelit atmosphere, of course.
  4. Flower – arranging workshop. Grab your girlfriends, and go learn how to make your OWN flower bouquet! Who needs those guys anyway?
  5. Starting the 1st of February, get your spouse a small, thoughtful gift every day until Valentine’s Day. 14 gifts. You got this.

We have some love-filled news of our own!

Love is definitely in the air, and we are not just talking about February! Our own lovely Danielle, just announced her engagement to her boyfriend, Brett, and we are so excited for her! With Janet’s wedding in 2018, and Danielle’s to be in 2019, we are looking forward to another busy, love-filled year! Now, who will get engaged next year? 😉

Yours Truly,

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