The New Guy.

Meet Karl. He is kinda our fav.

Big news: the lady herself, Janet, is engaged! And the lucky guy is Karl Weyeneth. We are all so excited here at the office, and we wanted to let each of you get to know him a little better.

Karl loves to start his day with time with Jesus, and coffee. Many of us here at the office agree – so he fits right in! However, he would get into the hobbies of scuba diving and flying planes – so he is a little out of place in those departments. And if he could get a job as a Stand-Up Comic and still receive the same pay and hours as his job at Caterpillar now – Karl would jump all over it. One of Karl’s quirks is his intent on shredding junk mail – and then forgetting all about it until he is swimming in paper.

If Karl could choose a different time era to live in, it would be the Second Industrial Revolution (1871 – 1914) – he would love to witness Edison and Tesla inventing and dreaming things that are the foundations for the many conveniences we all take for granted today. However, if he was cryogenically frozen for 100 years, the first question he would ask when waking up would be, “May I have a blanket?” That seems a reasonable question to ask.

Karl is super tech savy (one of the reasons we allowed Janet to get engaged to him – this will come quite in handy at the office), and many people come to him for help with anything tech related. Karl is also passionate about getting to know others that have different views than you, and he believes everyone should have to sit down over a meal with someone with opposite views, and truly get to know them as people. We are thankful for his huge heart, and he is super thankful for Janet – who inspires him to be an even better person.

We also had to get their entire engagement story – because who doesn’t want to hear about a great love story! Sit back and enjoy, fellow readers. This is a great one.

“Janet and I first met about three years ago at a dinner night hosted by a mutual friend.  I made a point of sitting next to her, and we chatted over some frozen pizza.  It was also around the time that LJ was just starting up, and I was in the process of trying to move (kind of a crazy season for both of us).  I ended up joining her along with a group from Tremont, IL on a mission trip down to Bastrop, TX later that year over Thanksgiving.  We’re actually the fifth couple to marry someone that was also on that trip!  There must have been something in the water!  After the trip we crossed paths at different social events, and she helped me pick out a thing or two for the house I ended up moving into, but we slowly drifted apart for a season, before reconnecting when she started joining some other mutual friends of mine to hangout last fall.  Since last fall our friendship grew more, and God was also at work in me.  I believed Janet was someone I should pursue as a wife (and if I didn’t I’d be very foolish), and that I could trust her, as it says in Proverbs 31:11.  I asked for her hand in marriage this past spring, and have been beyond blessed by her, and her love for me.  We are truly thankful for God’s work in bringing us together, and his faithfulness to each of us.  We are enjoying this season of engagement, but are looking forward to our wedding day, and life of marriage together!  To God be the glory!”

And with that, we wish both of them all the blessings God has to give! September can’t come soon enough.

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