The Style of Louisa Jane.

Eclectic. Transitional. Vintage. Rustic. Classic. Traditional. Louisa Jane.

Yes. you read that right. We are now considered a classified style. Look us up in Webster’s Dictionary. 😉  The reason? Well it’s simple. We don’t fit into any other classified style. We are us. A team of ten (or so) different styles all combining to become the Louisa Jane style; a style that allows us to relate to our clients and friends in a way that their style can shine through ours.

We are definitely more picky-choosy in our studio, and the products we showcase. But even here, our style is still “Louisa Jane” as our products are a wide range. We also pull from our studio when we go on house calls – and it’s so fun to see our client’s houses also taking on the Louisa Jane style. It’s honestly our favorite part about being a part of this team – that our style is us. Who else can say that? 🙂

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