The Ultimate Guide to Louisa Jane Design.

Yes. We did just state that Louisa Jane has it’s own style.

But we thought we would break down the 5 main styles that make up OUR style, just in case we ever referred to them individually, you could always look back on this post to see what we meant by each style.


This style is classified in our world today as the current, “in-fashion” style. The characteristics are minimal, void of color, with cleaned and straight lines making up most of it. It’s a Scandinavian design where furniture and architecture favor simplicity, form, and function. Some materials that make up the Modern style are natural woods, leather, teak, linen, plywood, plastic, and a polished metal look.


With dark rich colors, dark woods, and refined color, the Traditional style usually has a neutral paint color on the walls with colorful furniture, artwork, and accent pieces throughout the space. Red, brown, green, and warm jewel tones are popular and this allows the space to appear warm and inviting.  Prints are usually florals, paisleys, stripes, and plaids. Hardwood floors are a must with this style, the richer the hue the better. (maple, cherry, walnut) Symmetry is a huge characteristic of this style, and there’s always a focal point…usually a fireplace or a piece of traditional art.


Rustic, minimal, and cozy – this style has a lot of flexibility in it’s characteristics. It’s made up of personal décor with a mix of vintage furniture. Wooden accents are popular – a shiplap wall, flooring, exposed beams, or a statement farmhouse table. Stone and concrete is used for the more rustic, unfinished appeal. White is the only color that dominates this style, with added color of beige, cream, and grays. The Farmhouse style is also very airy – with lots of open and exposed space.


The Cottage style is pretty parallel with Farmhouse – whites, open space, natural light, clean lines.  If you think of fresh cut flowers in clear vases and old fashion china, you are on the Cottage vibe however, just get your white French doors open wide to the breeze outside and your white-plank, wrap-around porch. While the Cottage style has open rooms, there’s also a lot of nooks, built-ins, and corners for the romantic characteristic of the style. The term comfort is coined along with this style, with a view of a more simple way of life. The feminine patterns, antiques, distressed furniture. Dreamy, to say the least.


Eclectic and fun without even trying, this style holds the relaxed vibes, Moroccan-inspired accents, and the neutral, earthly tones all in one. Bright Aztec patterns mixed with even more patterns – the Bohemian style is appreciated by many with its bold colors, “more plants than furniture”, lanterns, pillows, prints, ornate rugs and blankets, and too many wall hangings – macramé, hammocks, lights, etc. So fun and bright, the Bohemian style adds color to the Louisa Jane style.

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