To Market, To Market.

It’s that time of year again!

The LJ crew are packing up, and preparing to travel 10 hours on Thursday to Atlanta, GA. We know everyone says Christmas is the best time of the year, but in the interior design biz, we may think a little differently. There’s nothing quite like attending the huge gift show market.

It’s a fast, busy, exhausting couple of days, but so worth it. The team will get to the hotel late Thursday night, and then hit the ground running with an early morning of shopping on Friday. The shopping continues until the late evening when the team will grab some dinner, hit their beds, and then get up early again on Saturday for a repeat. This continues until Tuesday, when they will turn around and head home.

Truly, this is a dream weekend – full of design inspiration, the latest trends and styles, and so much to look at. The team will spend a lot of time debating, price checking, and deciding what items are the best fit for LJ and our clients. Who wants to see sneak peeks of all the items??

For those of us back home missing out on the fun, we just anxiously await the arrival of all the new products. It’s like Christmas for months on end when shipments keep coming! And of course, we can not wait to show all of you and see how these new pieces grace your home.

Wish us luck!

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