To Market, To Market.

Hello from Georgia!

We left Thursday morning early, and are currently at the Gift Show Market in Atlanta, Georgia, doing our thing! By we, we mean Janet, Brenda, and Danielle, and they have all kinds of stories to share. By Market, we mean huge, giant buildings full of awesome décor, rugs, materials, home goods, and way more, and we mean business – we are finding the best fits for “Louisa Jane” to bring them to our studio here in Tremont!

We have been shopping since early Friday, and we wrap it up today! Tomorrow morning, Tuesday, we will head home, and anxiously await the arrival of the trucks – we can not get all of these goods home in one vehicle! In our next blog, we will more describe the décor and home goods we have picked for our studio, but for now, wish us luck as we continue to shop till we drop. Literally.

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