Traditions for Christmas.

It’s never too late to start them.

In our opinion, traditions are one of the reasons why Christmas is so anticipated. The traditions are what builds nostalgia, memories, and a special cozy feeling. They bring remembrance, warmth, and excitement.

Our team has many traditions for this time that we highlighted last year, and now we want to give YOU some ideas as well to build, or begin. If you don’t have any traditions as a family, it’s never to late to start some, in our opinion!

FOOOOD. This is a tradition all in itself. Plan a dish that is special to the season, and the day you celebrate with your family. In our opinion, it’s way more fun to have that dish be served on Christmas only – you and your family only eat it once a year! This builds anticipation and excitement, and will definitely be remembered for years to come. It can be a dessert like creme brûlée, a special main course seafood dish like crab or lobster rolls, or a fun food/activity like meat fondue!

The ACTIVITY. Another fun way to incorporate traditions into your family Christmas, is by the activity planned. Whether that be building Gingerbread Houses, making Christmas cookies together, going to a wreath workshop, or some other idea, these traditions not only become super special, but also bring lots of good quality time for the family, and many wonderful memories made.

GIFTS. Of course, presents are a part of Christmas. While giving and receiving gifts is a great tradition in itself, it’s also fun to make a game out of it. Whether it is a white elephant grab, a gift exchange among siblings, or a gift game that consists of the Nativity scene, turning the gifts into an activity of sorts, is what makes a tradition.

GIVING. Christmas is a time of family and food, but some people, even some in our community, do not have either of these. We love when traditions become giving to those outside our family – whether that be shopping and delivering gifts to a local family in need, making double servings on the Christmas Day meal and bringing it to some hungry children, or more, this is not only a tradition but quickly becomes a way to bring joy. And not just joy to the receiver, either.

We hope you love these ideas, and we hope you reach out to us with stories of your own, or other great traditions that you have with those you love!

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