What Autumn Means to Us.

We love fall. period.

It’s that time of year when the blazing summer heat takes a back seat to the refreshing cool autumn breezes. Especially in our area of the world, an evening walk might be met with smells of bonfires or chimney smoke, and the home becomes an inviting place to cozy up and sip some hot cider. Pumpkins appear on many doorsteps and the flavor of pumpkin spice evokes a familiar feeling. There are so many things to love about fall in Illinois, and it’s been fun to chat with our LJ team about what autumn means to each of us.

Janet: Fall is my all time favorite season! I love bonfires most of all – but I’m a sucker for hot drinks and blankets on the back porch as well.  Cozy clothes, boots (although I’m sick of them come spring), the smells of harvest… even watching the farmers in the field. It’s a time to be thankful, and all those happy things remind me to be just that!

Brenda E: I love to sit by a fire and roast marshmallows, go on jeep rides with the top down, and walk outside as much as possible.  I love all of these things, as they are the last bits of warmer weather to enjoy for waaayyy too long!  I hate the cold, so anything enjoyable outside while it is still pleasant, is my favorite.

Reuben: Autumn means baked goods, hot drinks, and hoodies, and that’s why I love it.

Shawn: I enjoy the colors that fall brings with the leaves turning and the mums blooming! I especially enjoy the cooler evenings while grilling or going for a bike ride.

Danielle: I love fall because it’s the perfect weather – not to hot and not to cold. I enjoy a good house cleaning day with the cool crisp morning air coming in, fall scented candle burning, hot latte brewing on the counter, and doing some labors of love outdoors on our landscape, yard, and front porch. Even better is topping the night off with hosting a bonfire or having a movie night snuggled up with some popcorn! Something about either of these combos is just the perfect cherry on top of a fall day!

Violet: One of my favorite fall activities is hiking. I love the cool crisp air and beautiful warm colors of fall. Being outside all day and away from all my responsibilities is so refreshing! My husband and I started a tradition when we were dating that we love. Once a year we take a Saturday off and go hiking at Matthiessen State Park. Without having to worry about what we have to get done that day, we spend a majority of the day at the park and end our day in the best way – going to Tanners Orchard…mostly for the donuts and strudels!

Brenda H: I love the golden hues that blaze against brilliant cobalt skies. One year, some time ago, I went over to my friend’s house on a gorgeous sunny autumn day and we took a blanket outside and laid under a huge maple tree with golden leaves. It was amazing to feel the color enveloping us! Ya gotta try the golden tree experience for yourself!

So there you have it!! Not only can you get a glimpse into LJ’s love of Fall, but you may even grab some new fun fall activity ideas! We’d love to hear from you! What are your favorite things about fall?

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