Value of Vintage Rugs.

Rugs are art for your floor.

There are few things more satisfying than finding a rug that perfectly fits a space: the style, the size, and the texture. Vintage and oriental rugs have in recent years gained a huge amount of popularity in home decorating, and we are pretty happy about it. It is hard to top the character, interest, and individuality they bring to a room. 

As much as we love vintage rugs, our guess is that many of you who have been in the market for a vintage rug have probably experienced a little bit of sticker shock! They can definitely be on the pricey end. So we are here to help shed some light on the reasoning behind that, and maybe help to convince you that the vintage rug you’re eyeing may be worth the price tag!

  • Time. A good quality rug takes a very long time to make. Most vintage rugs are actually hand-knotted or hand-tufted instead of being made on a machine, which means the designs are often more intricate, and they require the expertise and time of the maker. They can take up to a year just to be produced! As this is becoming less and less common, the value of handmade rugs has gone up exponentially as well. If you are rug shopping, look at the back of the rug. If there is rubber backing, you know that it was machine-made, whereas rugs that were handmade on a loom will not have backing on them and will be visibly woven or knotted.
  • Quality. As you can probably guess, the quality of a handmade rug is significantly greater than a machine-made, mass-produced rug. Knot density is a defining factor in the quality of the rug, and this is something that you can discern just by looking at the rug. How many knots does it have per square inch, compared to the next rug? The more knots per square inch, the better quality and longer lasting the rug will be. Vintage rugs also normally use natural dyes instead of synthetic, which means that the color won’t fade with time, giving your rug more longevity in the long run. You just won’t find that with most mass-produced rugs!
  • Material. Vintage rugs often use higher-quality materials that hold up to wear and tear better as well. You can expect to see wool, silk, or natural fibers, for example. Vintage rugs hide their wear better. Their colors normally camouflage stains more than other rugs, and they don’t show traffic marks as quickly in general. Since rugs often bear a lot of harsh use in the home, spending the extra dollar on quality material is probably a worthy investment.

The designs of vintage rugs are unique, which is what we love about them. Keep this in mind if you come across one that you love! If it’s truly a handmade vintage rug, you won’t find one exactly like it again. If you need help knowing where to find a good rug, or discerning the quality of a rug, just let us know! Textiles are one of our favorite things and we would love to help you find one that fits you best.

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