After the Market.

And the busy week is over, and in it’s wake, we are busy bringing everything back to normal.

Whew! What a weekend! First, we want to thank EVERYONE for coming out to see us, eat some caramel popcorn, and shop till you drop on all of our fun fall décor.  If we are honest, we were not prepared for the weather to be winter, it is supposed to be fall, right? Everyone was great sports though, and we are truly thankful for that. For those who braved the weather to see us, kudos to you. You might just be our new favorite people!

Thankfully, the weather warmed up for Saturday, and we spent the day checking friends out at the register, chasing down items people were trying to find, pulling together pieces to make the perfect centerpiece for someone’s living room, and chatting with friends and acquaintances – which just might be our favorite part! The pumpkins and fall stems had everyone in the fall mood, as well as the bright, cheery door greeter, and all of our wonderful volunteers.

The feedback we received was great, but just to be sure, we want some more honest feedback! Is everyone still digging the tent sales, and the 20% off? It’s a icon of Louisa Jane, but we all know that icons change just as quickly as trends, and we want to stay on top of the game.  We love the excitement the tent sales bring, and we want you to love it too! Now we are off to resetting the studio, and getting all the paperwork done in the office.


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