Favorites About Fall.

Fall is a huge deep breath – a refresher. We love this season here at Louisa Jane!

For us, Fall means slowing down, taking a deep breath before Christmas season hits full swing. It means throw pillows on the porch swing, and cozying up with knitted blankets and hot apple cider while the sun sinks below the horizon. It means fireflies. It means deep chats with those we love.

It means mustards and siennas and navys and olives. It means pumpkins on the fireplace mantel, with the warm glow of heat below. It means one of the fall candles from our storefront, burning on the coffee table. It means fall stems in glass vases on top of the piano, and windows open during the day with the fall breeze wafting in.

It means pumpkin spice lattes with cheesy popcorn. It means sweaters and tall boots, with a stocking cap. It means a bonfire with laughter circling, and marshmallows on sticks. It means coffee and hazelnut creamer. It means jack-o-lanterns, and corn mazes.

It means a popcorn bar, with refreshments. It means jackets and wandering through our Harvest Market. It means friends and fun and lots of fall d├ęcor. See you all this weekend!

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