Merry Christmas.

The most wonderful time of the year.

It seems that the holidays always come at the perfect time – just when we are finding ourselves in need of a change of pace, some rest from our normal routines, and a season of celebration! This year is no different.

Especially after 2020 being so full of unforeseen stresses and challenges, taking a step back to savor the simple joys of the holiday season is a gift.
Rest is something that is difficult to do well as an adult. It doesn’t seem like it would be a challenging thing to incorporate into our lives, does it? But as life presses its various demands on us, we do find ourselves struggling to prioritize genuine rest and other tasks seem to take precedence. Maybe this is one of the reasons that Christmas seems to embody peace and joy? It is a time where prioritizing a slower pace, gathering with family, forgetting what time of the day it is, and choosing to stop your normal routine is embraced. Rest is planned, of course, after all the gifts are bought and food made. Everyone sets their agenda aside and is more fully present as traditions are relived and new memories are made.
The perspective that Christmas brings is another reason the holiday is so meaningful. As we reflect on the Savior born this day, we are reminded again of the gift of salvation that is more precious than anything else we could experience. This is the source of our peace and joy all year long, but how special to set aside a time to reflect specifically on this truth each December!
With that being said, the LJ team wishes all of you a rest-filled and Christ-filled holiday season! We anticipate lots of moments snuggled up by a warm fire, enjoying our favorite holiday treats with our families, and reflecting on the gift of Jesus and the gift of life. We hope this Christmas season leaves you feeling refreshed and energized to finish out 2020 strong! 
Merry Christmas, friends!

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