Mood Board Series III.

This time we are featuring our beloved, Brenda E.

As a continuation of our mood board series, we are featuring another member of our team today! When it comes to personal style, one term or category rarely entirely encapsulates an individual’s preferences. This is one reason that we love mood boards! By compiling pictures that appeal to an us, themes can be found that give more specific insight into our personal taste!

Meet Brenda, our wonderful Office Manager! We love Brenda’s style – she would describe it as a blend of traditional, vintage, and casual. Comfort is key in Brenda’s designs. She loves to bring the traditional style into her decorating by incorporating brick, intricate woodwork, natural stone, and elegant light installations. These are the what define many of Brenda’s favorite spaces, as they provide interest and elegance.

Aside from those elements, Brenda is drawn to the cream and brown tones. These hues can create an inviting space and offer a sense of comfort and warmth, both of which Brenda loves. Ruffles and lace frequently make their appearance in Brenda’s style as well – their vintage charm and traditional appeal often providing the subtle touches that are needed to complete her space.

We would love to hear from you guys! Have you ever made a personal mood board? What styles and colors appeal most to you?

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