Our Studio Vibes.

The Louisa Jane Brick + Mortar has been constantly evolving.

While we truly believe every “style” an still be “in-style” with the right touch and flair, the products we have in our studio is ever-changing. Really, that’s how it should be, right? As we evolve, grow, and change as a business, and as the world of interior design is always coming out with new products, it only makes sense.

So what are we featuring as of late in our brick + mortar?

Lately, we have also been introducing Mid-Century Modern pieces, while still keeping our classic pieces as well, just maybe more clean-classic. We also have a lot of Warm Modern influence, Modern Farmhouse, and Authentic Vintage vibes. While we still love the Traditional Farmhouse look, our store does not feature this style quite as much this year – just because we brought in so many other looks as well!

You will notice the color palette consists of a lot of blush, beiges, teals, salmons, golds, and greens. We also have a lot of metals right now – brushed brass, matte black, wrought iron, and cast iron. Of course, we LOVE leather, and we have some amazing leather pieces about to hit our floor. We can not WAIT to show you. You will also find a lot of found items – we are always a fan, and we truly don’t believe this will ever change!

For materials, we have dried natural elements, reclaimed woods, linens, white-washed natural wood, vintage-washed cotton, stones such as Zeolites, Agate, Lava stone, and Marble, and woven cane Spanish recycled glass. We have lots of patterns that consist of herringbone and simply lines.

Perhaps some would say LJ has gone a little moody in 2020, but we would say we’ve just continued to expand the collection of styles in our store. We truly believe we have something for everyone, so stop on by and say hi! We would love to help you with any questions for your space.

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