Summer On Sampson.

A recap on a rainy, joy-filled day.

One of those events that we plan for all year long – those long-awaited ones that we look forward to with anticipation. Our first SOS in 2018 was 99 degrees plus, and we prayed that the heat would stay away. We must have forgotten to pray for the rain to as well, because as the event drew closer, the percentage of precipitation only increased.

A team meeting was called on Friday to discuss our options. When we reached out to our local businesses and makers to join us on Sampson Street for the event, we had initially said “Rain or Shine”, so we decided to stick to it. Whatever the weather may bring, we knew it was going to be our attitudes at the event that make it or break it. So Saturday morning came with a downpour – we put our smiles on and rallied together as a team – and guess what? We had a blast hosting Summer on Sampson in the rain – otherwise known as Swimming on Sampson 2019.

10:00 hit and tents were up and ALL OF YOU FLOODED IN WITH YOUR UMBRELLAS AND BOOTS. (excuse the pun) We were amazed, humbled, choked up by all of the support. What made this event worth it? Our amazing vendors who came out full of energy, joy, and optimism, who set up their booths and trailers and who made Sampson Street come alive. And what else? Our fabulous community who came out to shop, rainboots and all, and who showed each vendor that you care, you show up, and you shop local.

It is truly a blessing to be apart of a community that supports, loves, and encourages small business. Our LJ crew have met so many people along the way, built so many strong friendships, and learned so much about community. And yes, Summer on Sampson will continue as a tradition – bringing life to small town Tremont. Apparently our theme so far has been “water” – whether it’s sweat pouring down our backs, or rain drenching us to the core so that our socks and underwear are even soaked. So let’s see what next year brings, shall we? Much love. Always.

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