The Point of Labor Day.

Why do we have a day called “Labor” day, which consists of no labor?

In most of our minds, Labor Day signifies the end of summer. It often feels like your last chance to jump in the pool, to stay up as late as you want, and to linger at the dinner table, before the rush of the fall schedule begins. We hope that it also means a day of genuine rest for you – a day to enjoy the life God has given you, the people He’s surrounded you with, and a time to step back and see the beauty of the life we live every day. The same life we so often take for granted in the busyness of our “labors”.

Behind all of this, Labor Day is a celebration of the American spirit. It is a day set aside to step back, to rest from our labors, and to appreciate the innovation, the growth, and the progress that our work together has brought about in our nation. All of us at LJ are truly excited to celebrate such a day – especially with the hard times of the past year.

Did you know Labor Day was actually birthed out of the Industrial Revolution? At the time, workers were putting in long hours for minimal pay and receiving little to no benefits from their employers. The work force was ultimately neglected. In 1882, in accordance with the plans of the Central Labor Union, 10,000 workers took unpaid time off to march through Time Square in New York City. This became known as the first “Labor Day Parade.” Thankfully, the tone of this day has changed from an act of desperation against unfairness, to a celebration of the American work force and a way to honor them. It is humbling to be a part of a nation so blessed by God in this way!

From all of us at LJ, “thank you” for all you do for our community, families, and world. Every role is valuable and every worker deserves appreciation. We wish all of you a weekend filled with lots of rest and many memories!

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