Valentine’s Day Gifts.

Just some ideas for this love-filled day.

Giving gifts well is truly an art. Although all gifts are special, there is something especially meaningful about a gift that is thoughtfully assembled, creative, and personal. These gifts have the power to make the receiver feel loved, known, and cared for in special ways, especially on Valentine’s Day! However, we totally understand at Louisa Jane how easy it is to have a lack of inspiration when it comes to gift giving… if you can relate, read on! 

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, we know it is time to start thinking about what gift to choose for your significant other. We want to help you out! We have put together a few gift options that we think check all the boxes: creative, useful, and beautiful.

Option one: a set of three brass spoons, small ceramic jar with a bamboo lid, and an acacia wood cheese board. Does your loved one enjoy hosting? Or maybe they just enjoy displaying their food beautifully? Either way, this gift set may be the perfect way to show that you love them and love that quality of theirs!

Option two: an antique brass snuffler, temple sunrise candle, and glass jar with matches. If you are looking for a gift for someone who has a workspace or study space that they spend a lot of time in, this would be a great gift for them! The time at their desk can be filled with reminders of you as they use this gift to bring warmth and beauty to their workspace.

Option three: a stoneware jar with a bamboo lid and a garlic keeper. If you are shopping for someone who loves to cook, this may be what you are looking for! Not only would this beautiful duo be useful in the kitchen, but it would add an artisanal flare to the kitchen décor that would complement many styles.

Of course, there are many other wonderful gift options in our store, but these are a few to help inspire you! We would love to have you stop in and browse our selections, and we would be happy to help you find something that best suits your specific valentine. Happy gifting!

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