10 Interior Design Signs.

10 signs you were born to be an interior designer:

1. You enjoy design books and home decor magazines and style them on your coffee table for daily inspiration.
2. You restyle your bookshelves every 2 weeks.
3. Hours of your life are spent placing/plumping accent pillows or cushions for the perfect look.
4. Pinterest is your most used app…second to Houzz of course.
5. Your favorite pastime is flea markets and antique shops.
6. Friends come to you for advice about their walls…their lights…their pillows…
7. You mentally rearrange the furniture every time you enter a new space.
8. Your closet is arranged by color.
9. You take samples home of paint, tile, etc. every time you are at a Home Depot.
10.  You spend more money on home décor than you do on food.

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