Happy Birthday LJ.

Five whole years. That’s how old we are!

Louisa Jane began on March 18th – and we are celebrating our birthday this week! It’s astonishing to remember those first days, where Janet and her friend Dawn started refurbishing furniture, then hosting tent sales, and then expanding to a studio space……and today here we are with many wonderful clients, a whole team of awesome people, a studio with gorgeous d├ęcor, and an office full of displays for home remodeling. Somethings are still the same though – YOU for example. Your support and love over the years means the world. We also still host those big tent sales, they just may have grown to not include a tent any more! We included some photos over the past two years of our team. We want to say thanks to each person who works or have worked behind the scene to build Louisa Jane to where it is today. Some have gone on to different jobs or stages of life, but they still leave their mark today. There are more of our team members from the first three years that are not pictured here!

So as we pause on our birthday and reflect over the past half-a-decade, we have had many set-backs, mistakes, and lessons, but also triumphs, celebrations, successes, and truly, we would not change a thing. To God be the glory! We pray Louisa Jane can continue to grow and bless the Central Illinois community in the years to come.

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