Meet Rance.

Our shop assistant, heavy-object mover, guitar-player, favorite guy.

Any guy who has Albert Einstein as one of his heros, is quite the guy. He keeps all of us laughing, and he is definitely Darrel’s right-hand man when it comes to just about anything. They can be seen moving heavy furniture, working in the wood shop, and bugging the rest of us in the office. But we won’t complain – Rance’s horrible jokes and dry humor happen when we need them most, in the middle of a major business change, or during the stress of a tent sale.

He starts his day with a coffee jam sesh – we have never witnessed one ourselves, but we HAVE heard him “jam out” on his guitar, and we would brag about this team member any day! If you were at Summer On Sampson, you know what we mean. Word on the street is that another tent sale might just be happening, and a certain guitar player might just make another appearance.

Stay tuned!


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