The Value of Trust.

Trust can make or break a relationship. And the designer/client relationship is no exception. 

Your home is the place that reflects you most clearly and provides the backdrop for your life. For these reasons, inviting an interior designer into that space is an act of trust, and even vulnerability, as we work together to make your home the perfect space for you. As interior designers, we count it a privilege to work alongside you – we do not take it for granted!

We do not take lightly the faith you have put in us, and we at LJ are committed to building and maintaining your trust in us as designers, consultants, professionals, and friends. You, our clients, are invaluable to us! As we reflect on the things that we believe build trust in the relationship between designer and client, we keep coming back to this list:  

  • Authenticity. We see authenticity as essential in the redecorating and redesigning process. We want to put ourselves in your shoes, to truly see your vision for your home, and to see uniquely “you”! No two clients are the same, and neither are their homes, and this is very special to us. We openly bring ourselves and our thoughts to the table, and we invite our clients to do the same. 
  • Genuine concern for your best. There may be instances where the designer and the client will bring differing opinions or approaches to a project. Or you and your spouse may have different aspirations or ideas regarding a certain aspect of your remodel or home design. In these instances, we have your best interest at heart as we navigate the best solution.
  • Competence in our field. We would never consider taking our car with engine trouble to someone who wasn’t a certified mechanic, nor would we expect you to trust your home design to an amateur! We take what we do seriously and we recognize that your home is your safe space and a place to be valued. At LJ, we feel honored to work alongside the talent and creativity that we have on our team, and we want you to know we do our best to serve you the best. Always.

In the end, we do really want to say “thank you!” We are where we are today because of you! You have opened yourselves and your homes up to us, giving us the opportunity to form a trusting relationship, and for that we are thankful. We love how each client relationship lasts long after the job is completed – each and every friendship is so dear to us! Here’s to many more wonderful experiences in the future! To God be the glory.

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